Attractions of Saint Petersburg

Palaces, castles, and mansions. There are about six hundred old mansions, large and small, preserved here.

The noble nobles left behind a legacy of magnificent palaces that perpetuated their names — Menshikov, Stroganov, Sheremetyevo, Vorontsov. Most of them today hold museum collections and cultural masterpieces.

Rivers, canals, and bridges. The waterways that run the length and breadth of St. Petersburg are the business card of the city, which gave it the well-deserved fame of the"Venice of the north". - You will see the embankments and drawbridges bound in impregnable granite, soaring up above the snow-white motor ships, on unforgettable walks along the river "avenues".

Summer residences and palace and park ensembles. Not only the State Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Winter Palace and the Arrow of Vasilievsky Island delight travelers.

Bus tours around the suburbs of St. Petersburg will give you an introduction to the pearls of the Leningrad region — the fountains of Peterhof, the forts of Kronstadt, the Amber Room of the Catherine Palace, the Chinese Palace of Oranienbaum.