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I love you, Peter's great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave's regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank's dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)

Roofs of St. Petersburg
Panoramic rooftop tour

Roofs of St. Petersburg

It's a really exciting experience. Needless to say, it’s very unlike a typical museum tour. It's an alternative culture more popular among youngsters, but adults often enjoy it even more. Standing on a roof and watching other roofs, domes, spires and streets well below you with tiny people rushing on their business gives an unbelievable feeling of freedom and joy. Yet, this tour is not only about emotions - it really helps to understand the past and present of St. Petersburg and to feel the spirit of the city.

So if you are:

  • tired of all museums, palaces and cathedrals
  • fed up of looking at gold and listening to stories about numerous members of the Romanovs family
  • adventurous and open minded
  • physically fit and not afraid of height


The tour will start with climbing up back stairs of a 6-storey rental house in the very center of the city (please notice there are no elevators!) On the way up, our guide will tell you about St. Petersburg rental houses, back staircases, courtyard-wells and notorious "kommunalki" (traditional Russian shared apartments). You will get into an old attic which still has some traces from World War II. Here the instructor will give a short briefing on safety regulations.

Two flights of vertical stairs about 2 meters each, and you will find yourself in a small tower. It's so called anti-aircraft defense tower which was used during WW2 as an observation post. The guide will tell you about the war and the siege of Leningrad and those women and teens who at the time of bombing and shelling risked their lives there doing anti air raid patrols.

The tower has an open gallery around and next to it there is a walkway on the roof protected with railing. Now you will have a chance to enjoy the breathtaking view - the gulf, the port and the shipyard, huge golden dome of St. Isaac's, the roof and the dome of the Winter Palace, Alexander Column with an angel, Singer House tower topped with an enormous glass globe, multicolored domes of the Spilled Blood Cathedral and many other cathedrals and domes and roofs. While you enjoy this panoramic view, your guide will give all the detailed explanations and tell all the stories. And last but not the least, we can promise that photos taken on this tour will be the most unusual and exotic photos from your entire trip.

Prolongation of the tour is about 1 hour. In case of bad weather conditions (heavy rain or wind) the tour may be canceled.

NB! The tour is absolutely safe, but you must be physically fit and not afraid of height. Comfortable shoes and clothes are necessary.

NB! We recommend to combine this tour with Citizen's view walking tour.

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From our clients' reviews:

Rooftop tour St Petersburg

...Love the experience on the roofs! Really worth with wonderful view, and our beautiful and knowledgeable tourguide Elena helped a lot by English introduction about the history of St Petersburg. On the roof was quite chilly - don't forget to wear enough clothes! (Germann, Frankfurt, Germany)

St Petersburg rooftop tour

...Epic views, lovely and professional guide and an adrenaline rush to match. A great way to see real St. Petersburg. Instead of dry facts about palaces we learnt about what it's really like to live in the city whilst clambering over roof tiles - with the guide's help, of course. (Alexander, Bucharest, Romania)

Panoramic roofs St Petersburg

...Our lovely guide Elena was really great, telling us lots of information about the sights and landmarks we were seeing as well as the building we were climbing up and also helping us to get over our initial fears of walking on a roof! We really enjoyed this panoramic roof tour and would definitely recommend this original experience! (Sandra F, Belgrade, Serbia)

Roof excursion St Petersburg

...It was an incredible experience. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Guide Elena was very experienced and told us many interesting stories about St. Petersburg. Thank! (Manisa R, Bangkok, Thailand)

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