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Russian Cooking Master Class
Russian Culinary Traditions

Cooking master class

Russian cuisine is a very important part of our culture and of course we are eager to acquaint our guests with it. Russia is huge and as a result of it our cuisine is very diverse. But nevertheless there are several common features:

1. Russia is a northern country and our cuisine could be called "northern cuisine". So we have a great variety of hot soups, our food is quite high-calorie and not spice.

2. Historically Russia was settled by peasants and therefore our most traditional dishes are based on peasant food. So bread, pies, cereals, fish, beef, pork, mushrooms, different berries and honey always were popular in Russia.

3. Being a huge country Russia always had a lot of neighbors and our culture always was under strong influence of other cultures. And our cuisine is not an exception. We have dishes which came from China (such as pelmeni or dumplings), middle Asia (such as pilaf) or the Ukraine (such as borscht). Locals consider all these dishes to be Russian.

4. Starting from the 16th century and especially in the 18-19th centuries our cuisine was strongly affected by French traditions. Russian aristocracy invited cooks from France and such cooks not only brought with them new recipes and such dishes as smoked fish and meat or pastry appeared in our life but they also altered original recipes of initially purely Russian dishes.

Any way Russian cuisine as it is today is unique, very interesting and very tasty and no doubts during your visit to Russia you will try it. We are sure you will enjoy it a lot!

Here on this very page we want to suggest you a much more interesting and enjoyable experience than just eating in a restaurant - we want to suggest you to cook your Russian meal yourself.

During this master class under leadership of very experienced chef you will cook three dishes at your choice from the list below. And of course at the end of the master class you will eat all the masterpieces created by your own hands.

Dishes suggested for a cooking class:

Salds & snacks:
1. "Russian salad" or "Olivie" with crawfish
2. Dresser herring salad "Herring under the fur coat"
3. Hearing on potato pancakes with quail eggs
4. Fish with marinade
5. Roast beef with gherkin
6. Nova lox (brine-cured salmon)
7. Vinaigrette with tongue
8. Tongue with homemade horseradish
9. oat pancakes with pike caviar
10. Squash/eggplant caviar (paste)
11. Meat paste with pumpernickel bread
1. Shchi "Tsarskie" (tsar's cabbage soup)
2. Borsch with pampushki (Russian beetroot soup with donut)
3. Rassolnik (meat soup with pickled cucumbers)
4. Tzar's ukha (tsar's Russian fish soup)
5. Giblet soup
6. Solyanka
7. Chicken soup with home made noodles
Main courses:
1. Buckwheat with giblet
2. Navy-style macarony with marbled beef
3. Baked ham with mustard
4. Classical cabbage rolls
5. Pelmeni (dumplings) with beef/ venison/perch
6. Pike cutlets staffed with eggs
7. Beef and lamb cutlets
8. Stewed veal cheeks
9. Beef a la Sroganov with smashed potato
10. Zrazy (meat balls with rice) with kurdyuk
11. Carp with pignolia nut, marshrooms and smashed patato
12. Fish chorp
13. Rabbit stewed with sour cream and carrot 14. Lamb shack with spicy greens (dish for 5)
15. Duck with apples and cabbage (dish for 4)
Deserts and drinks:
1. Kvass (Russian traditional drink)
2. Sbiten (Russian traditional hot drink)
3. Egg flip
4. Baba au rhum
5. Winkle with papaver
6. Charlotte russe with apples
7. Varenniki (dumplings) with cherry and sour cream
8. Pancakes (savoury/sweet)
9. Zucchini fritters
10. Cookie filled with caramelized milk

The cooking studio is fully equipped and located in the very center of St. Petersburg. The master class will take 3-4 hours.

Have a great fun and.... enjoy your meal!

If you want to cook a dish you can't find in the list please let us know and we will do our best to make it possible.

NB! Three dishes which you want to cook should be chosen at least two days ahead of the master class.

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From our clients' reviews:

Cooking master class St Petersburg

...I loved the class so much. I decided to check the cooking class I`ve never tried and I didn't make one mistake. Friendly atmosphere, good and caring staff, tasty and original food. You can find new friends in process of cooking! (Jake W, Denver, Colorado)

Russian Cuisine Master Class with Professional Chef

...A delightful experience for a family group whose members ranged in age from 7 - 76! The chef has just the right mix of charm and knowledge to make even a non-foodie enjoy the experience. (Lina F, Barcelona, Spain)

Russian food traditions - Cooking master class

...The food was fine. We made an authentic pot of borscht and an apple pie. The best part of the class was learning about Russian food traditions from Anna and Maria and meeting the other class participant from Austria. I loved the way we shared our experiences with culture and travel as we ate the meal together. This cooking class is an excellent way to experience St. Petersburg up close. (Alexandra, Poznan, Poland)

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