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I love you, Peter's great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave's regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank's dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)

Shore excursions
in St Petersburg Russia

for cruise ship passengers

Your cruise ship is coming to St. Petersburg – our congratulations! You will see one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Welcome!

Booking shore excursions in St Petersburg Russia with us you don't need visas. We provide you with a visa free St. Petersburg shore excursions. Our friendly and professional team will do everything possible to make your shore excursions in St. Petersburg interesting, useful and unforgettable.

We are ready to offer you:

Mini group tours
Flat rate!
Shore excursion packages
Tailor-made itineraries

Mini group tours

These cruise ship excursions in St Petersburg Russia were purposely developed for a two-day visit and covers the most important St Petersburg sights and attractions. All three itineraries are intended for the first time visitors. Our mini group tours will not only help you to reduce the expenses but will also give you a great chance to communicate with other travelers and share your ideas and impressions. We guarantee very friendly and creative atmosphere.

  • "Best of the Best"
      This shore tour covers all the most important historical and architectural sights as well as most famous museums in St.Petersburg ► view the itinerary
    view the itinerary
  • "Arts and History Grand Tour"
      This tour for cruise ships passengers was designed for enthusiasts who intend to make the most of their two days in St.Petersburg ► view the itinerary
    view the itinerary
  • "Happy Tour"
      We tried to make this St Petersburg tour interesting and exciting but at the same time easy going and really happy ► view the itinerary
    view the itinerary

NB! All the guests are provided with bottled water free of charge.

NB! If there are 8 or more people in your group, we will provide earphones free of charge.

Shore excursion packages

These packages for cruise ship passengers are intended for those who don't like to be in a group and want a very individual approach. All these shore excursion packages cover the most important highlights of St. Petersburg, and we think they are very good for the first time visitors.

  • one-day: intensive
      If you want to see as much as possible in the restricted time and if you are ready to have a really busy cruise excursion tour in St Petersburg Russia - this 1-day tour package is for you ► view the itinerary
    ,   relaxed
      We suggest this one day shore excursion package for those who prefer to see less sights of St Petersburg but to get more detailed information about each of them ► view the itinerary
      and   Jewish Heritage
      Jewish Heritage shore excursions package is an organic combination of the general St Petersburg tours from cruise ships with the tours of the most important Jewish sights ► view the itinerary
  • two-day: intensive
      A two day intensive cruise excursions package for those who want to see as much as possible in a limited time ► view the itinerary
    ,   relaxed
      A 2 day relaxed St Petersburg shore tour package for those who prefers to see less sights but to get more detailed information about each of them ► view the itinerary
    ,   Jewish Heritage
      Our guides who provide these private shore tours are specially trained and knowledgeable in Jewish history and culture in St Petersburg Russia ► view the itinerary
      Special child-friendly 2 day shore excursion tour in St Petersburg Russia: we talk to your children in a child-friendly way, play, solve riddles and at the same time show them the city and the sights ► view the itinerary
    and  St.Petersburg adventure
      We included in the shore tour 2 quests about St Petersburg Russia and several attractions/excursions which we consider to be particularly interesting for teens ► view the itinerary
  • three-day: relaxed
      A 3 day relaxed shore tour package for those who prefers to see less sights but to get more detailed information about each of them ► view the itinerary
    ,   luxury
      If you want to make your trip as pleasant and memorable as possible, then for you personally we offer the three day luxury shore excursions in St Petersburg Russia ► view the itinerary
    and   Grand Russian Tour (St.Petersburg and Moscow)
      Our Grand Russian Tour will give you much deeper insights into Russia - its history and culture - than any other tours. ► view the itinerary

NB! All the guests are provided with bottled water free of charge.

NB! If there are 8 or more people in your group, we will provide earphones free of charge.

Individual programs

We know that people are different, and they have different interests and priorities, and we are sure – it's great, it makes our life diverse and exiting! We are ready to organize a very individual excursion program in St Petersburg exactly for you to match all your interests and wishes whatever they are – paintings or architecture, ballet or literature, modern life or shopping.

Please pay attention to other offers:

NB! If you are going to cruise with kids please visit our very special Children Page to find some ideas and inspirations for your tours.

Important information:

 Visa free shore excursions in St Petersburg Russia

  1. If you choose to book your shore excursions in St Petersburg with us you don't need visas! We will provide you with special tour tickets which allow you to pass the immigration office without any problems.
  2. To provide your tour tickets we need the following information:
      – full name
      – date of birth
      – passport number
      – passport expiration date
      – citizenship
  3. In the immigration office in our port you are to show:
      – passport
      – tour ticket which we provide you with
  4. The time of the beginning of your tour is appointed in your tour tickets and the confirmation. Our guide or representative will be waiting for you outside the passport control area 15 minutes prior to this time.

    Please notice, that according to the new regulations of the Port authorities our vehicles are not allowed into the territory of the port earlier than 1,5 hour after the ship arrival. We accustom the beginning of the tours to these time restrictions. However if you come to the passport control area earlier our immigration officers will let you through anyway as the time restrictions are entirely inner regulations of the ship company and the port authorities, and have nothing to do with immigration services.

    If you pass the passport control earlier than we are able to deliver your vehicle we will kindly ask you to wait a bit for your vehicle to arrive. If on the contrary your disembarkation is delayed due to the long lines in the custom zone (which can often be the case) we will wait for you as long as needed. In this case we would kindly ask you to let us know about the delay by phone/viber/watsup or e-mail.

    Once past the passport area please look out for the sign with the name of the Company (Best Guides). If for some reason you can’t find us you can call us.
    Our telephone number is indicated in your tour tickets or on the conformation list.

 Information for physically-challenged people

It's great that you decided to travel and we are very pleased to see you in our city. We are ready to make a very special shore excursion program which would match your wishes and possibilities.

We have to warn you in advance that not all our museums/sights/restaurants have easy access for wheelchair users – sorry for that!

Wheelchair accessible museums:

  • Hermitage museum
  • Spilled Blood Cathedral
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Catherine Palace

Museums with limited accessibility for wheelchair users:

  • Peterhof
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Yusupov Palace

Museums/excursions which are not accessible for wheelchair users*:

  • Grand Palace in Peterhof
  • Pavlovsk
  • Boat/hydrofoil rides

We are ready to provide a wheelchair for rent (30 US $ per day including delivery) and a pusher (30 US $ per day plus MUSEUM entrance tickets if necessary). We also can arrange a special minibus fit for wheelchairs.

In any case we will do our best to show you as much as possible in each particular situation and to make your shore excursion in St. Petersburg Russia a most pleasant and unforgettable experience.

* If you can walk several steps and climb 1-2 flights of the stairs you can include these museums/excursions in your itinerary as well.

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From our clients' reviews:

St Petersburg tours for cruise passengers

...I ordered this package of shore excursion St Petersburg Russia a month before visiting St. Petersburg. Our guide is very competent and attentive to tourists. She knows the history of St. Petersburg and Russia very well and she was able to tell it to us. Many thanks to Best Guides for such a great shore tour in St Petersburg Russia! (KrisNelson, Pennsylvania)

Cruise ship shore excursions St Petersburg Russia

...At all times Best Guides were willing to modify the St Petersburg tour from cruise ships to fully suit us. Our shore tour guide, Irina, was very knowledgeable and looked after us in every respect. Overall we felt that the cost gave us excellent value for money. We would highly recommend Best Guides to cruise excursions in St. Petersburg Russia. (Tour779864)

Shore excursions group St Petersburg Russia

...An excellent shore excursion for me and my children! I'm happy that I was lucky to find Best Guides Company ahead of time and order a tour around the city from them. It was a shore tour for tourists with young children - Learn-and-Play. My the children were delighted! (chenxu73, Illinois)

Shore excursions St Petersburg

...St Petersburg shore excursions with Best Guides was truly the best thing we could have done. We really appreciated the small tour groups and the Russian flavour that we were given in addition to being simple tourists. Our tour guide was lovely and we appreciated her quirky sense of humour. We saw city with Best Guides and got a real flavour for Russian life. (Debbie L, United Kingdom)

St Petersburg shore excursions

...Our group from Norway was very satisfied With Best Guides and especially the knowledgeable and enthusiastic shore tour guide Maria! She took us to the important sights and made our experience unforgettable in every way! She knows so much and had stories and anecdotes to add at every site. I can highly recommend the company and their services for cruise passengers. (Ole L, Norway)

St Petersburg Russia tours from cruise ships

...We organised a two day shore tour with Best Guides whilst visiting St Petersburg by cruise. Sophia navigated the crowds brilliantly. We saw all the highlights and everything went like clockwork. Fantastic st petersburg tours for cruise passengers that I would highly recommend. (Fun2have, Sydney)

2 day tours of St Petersburg Russia

...Our shore tour guide Anna was a mind of information and her raident smile will remain with us always. I have no hesitation in giving the highest recommendation to Best Guides based on the Best of the Best tour we chose. (serenity133, Berkshire, UK)

St Petersburg tours from cruise ships

...We fell in love with Elena, our tour guide. The 2-day shore tour was fun and interesting and Elena was incredibly knowledgeable and had a witty sense of humor. She happily accommodated all our requests, and the program was perfect for us (a member of our group traveled in a wheelchair). (Kinn E, Norway)

Cruise excursion St Petersburg Russia

...We had a 3-day shore tour of everything St. Petersburg has to offer. Our guide Svetlana was absolutely AMAZING! In every place that we visited, she had not only the historical perspective, but also a first-hand account of how current day Russia was formed by its past. From start to finish, we enjoyed every aspect of this amazing experience. Thank you very much to Best Guides and Svetlana! (Arbonne Group ltd, California)

Shore excursions of St Petersburg

...Elina made our shore tour of St.Petersburg Russia exquisite! From the email information she provided prior to our arrival in Russia to helping us obtain the correct visas, choosing tours, booking the private tours in St Petersburg, arranging meeting places, directing us to great local cuisine, figuring out the money, she made everything work like clockwork. (DianeGibson, Colorado)

Visa free shore excursions in St Petersburg

...St Petersburg is beautiful. The tour itself is a whirlwind rush around all of St Petersburg's major attractions. Actually, I'd now be confident enough to get a Russian visa so I could get off the ship and tour independently. The shore tour covered all the essential tourist viewing and photo opportunities, but I would now love to spend a few days walking through the Hermitage and revisiting the Peterhof gardens. (Vivian, West. Australia)

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