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I love you, Peter’s great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave’s regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank’s dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)

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Excursions for children in St. Petersburg Russia

St.Petersburg for Children

You are travelling with children – that is great! But this obviously means that the general standard tour program is not for you.

We would like to offer you some tours which are designed specially for children – informative, but at the same time entertaining, where the information, as well as the timing of the tours, will be adopted to the age of your kids.

The special offer "St. Petersburg for Children" consists of three tours:

  1. City tour ''Secrets of St. Petersburg''
    We will show your children St. Petersburg, and they are sure to find it interesting and exciting. This tour is very different from an ordinary city tour.
  2. Hermitage tour ''Palace of Wonders''
    It is half a tour, half a game. Your children will feel little princes and princesses on a visit to the Russian Tsar.
  3. Peterhof ''Paradise of Fountains''
    This place is always the first choice to take your children to. The Gardens of Peterhof are just made for the kids to enjoy themselves!

You can book these tours as a package or take any of them separately.

All the tours have different versions for the kids of different age!

City tour "Secrets of St. Petersburg"

The tour consists of two parts, which we do either within one day with a break for lunch or on two different days. It also differs a bit for children of different ages.

Part one (1,5 hours):

  • Nevsky Prospect – the main street of the city.
  • The Spit of the Basil Island – one of the most beautiful places of the city with a magnificent view of the Neva River.
  • The Peter and Paul Fortress – we will enter it through a secret hidden passage and climb the rampart. On the way we will find a secret stone with inscriptions to be read. After that we will go to the political prison (optional) and enter the actual cells where the Russian revolutionaries were imprisoned. We will also learn the special prison alphabet and the secret ways of communication.

Part two (1,5 hours):

  • St. Isaac Cathedral. We will visit the largest Russian Cathedral decorated with marble and semiprecious stones or go up to the colonnade (optional) to get the bird’s-eye view of the city.
  • A walk along the Malaya Sadovaya street, where we will meet the famous St. Petersburg cat Vasily by name and his friend Vasilissa. We will also see the fountain "Time" and try to make it work for us.
  • In the end of the tour we will see one secret place where only those who have the magic keys can enter (they may of course take their parents with them). The place is such a big secret that we can not write about it here – only those who go on this tour will find it out.

Hermitage tour "The Palace of Wonders"

We will play Noble Princes and Fair Princesses.

We will learn court manners and etiquette and tell stories about the life of Russian Tsars and Tsarinas, magnificent receptions and splendid balls. At the same time we will show the children most beautiful rooms of the Hermitage, some exhibits which children always like so much (the Peacock Clock, the Knights Room), as well as several world famous paintings describing them in a way interesting for children.

The tour will take from 1 to 1,5 hours depending your children's age and your wish. This is more than enough for the children and not enough at all for the parents. Therefore as an option we would like to offer you a special opportunity: the children may stay for extra 40-60 minutes in the internet café of the Hermitage supervised by our assistant guide or by one member of your group, whereas the rest of the group will proceed on the "Grown-up" part of the tour.

Peterhof "Paradise of Fountains"

Both children and adults will enjoy walking around the park, looking at the glistening Fountains and Cascades and having fun at the Jester Fountains – so that is where we will spend most of the tour.

Usually the visit to Peterhof also includes an inside visit to one of the Palaces. We actually recommend choosing the Bathhouse. It was part of the everyday life of the Royal Residence but at the same time it has many interesting and entertaining tricks inside, including a functioning indoor fountain room.

In addition we would like to offer:

A visit to a Russian Family – instead of just a lunch in a café you can have tea and Russian Pies in a St. Petersburg Family – to see the everyday life of the citizens. Getting ready for your visit we will take care that the family knows about your children and your diet requirements. And of course we will choose a family with children in it.

A masterclass of Matryoshka doll painting – introduction to Russian folk culture and at the same time a fine entertainment for both children and parents. It can be organized either in a special workshop or during the Visit to a Russian Family.

A visit to the Porcelain factory with a masterclass of porcelain painting – you will not only see the unique process of porcelain making but get a fantastic chance to decorate your own pieces. You can make a service set for the whole family where each member creates his or her own piece. Can you think of anything better to bring home as a remembrance of this trip?

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