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Shore excursions from Baltic ports for cruise line passengers

We operate shore excursions from all major Baltic cruise ports. In each of these ports we cooperate only with the best licensed professional tour guides.

If you would like to book individual shore excursions, please check the list of tours available from each particular port. If you prefer to join open group tours, you are welcome to design and calculate your own BALTIC TOUR PACKAGE.

Design and calculate your own Baltic package:

St. Petersburg
2 full days /mini-group!/ transportation 
2 full days /mini-group!/ transportation
2 full days /mini-group!/ transportation

12 hrs. /26 person max/ transportation 
Regular price:
0 US $
Package discount:
0 US $
Final price:
0 US $
12 hrs. /26 person max/ transportation 
5 hrs. /20 person max/ walking & public transport
9 hrs. /26 person max/ walking & public transport

Panoramic Stockholm
(Starts from Stadsgården & Frihamnen)
3 hrs. /mini-group!/ 2 hrs. transportation + 1 hrs. walking
Best of Stockholm
(Starts from Stadsgården)
3 hrs. /mini-group!/ walking 
City of 14 Islands
(Starts from Frihamnen)
3 hrs. /mini-group!/ walking, public transport and boat 

3 hrs./mini-group!/walking 
4 hrs. /mini-group!/ 2 hrs. transportation + 2 hrs. walking

3 hrs. /24 person max/ transportation
3 hrs. /15 person max/ walking & public transport

5 hrs. /24 person max/ driving & walking
3 hrs. /15 person max/ walking
2 hrs. /mini-group!/ Segway 

mini-group! maximum 15 people in a group.
 Best Guides Team recommends!

NB! Please be aware that open group tours run for most, but not all, ships.

NB! If you are looking for a private tour and haven't found a desired tour in our list, please contact our manager and we will do our best to provide THIS tour for you.

Have a great Baltic cruise!

The pictures were provided by ArtAriya.

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