Theater Museum

Saint Petersburg / Russia

The Theater Museum is one o the most interesting museums of our city The museum’s displays depicts the history of theater in our country from the moment of its inception till nowadays in a very vivid and interesting way. The museum has a lot of unusual exhibits and many interactive displays. Events, exhibitions, and conventions are held here. It is not just a museum where the history of theater is presented in a static way but a real cultural center o our city.

Have you ever been dreaming of becoming a ballet dancer?

Your dream can easily come true in St-Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music located in the very heart of the city,  next door to the  world-famous Vaganova Ballet Academy, where such stars as  Mikhail Baryshinkov and  Rudolf Nuriev started their  careers.

The Academy rector Nikolay Tsiskaridze will  give you a private ballet lesson… do not worry… it is all included :)

You can even try and perform “en pointes”!

If you have never considered  such a career,  you can sit in  a theatre box lined with dark red  velvet and  just l learn a lot about Russian theatre history starting from late 17th century.

The museum  features original 18th and 19th century  costumes  for classical drama productions  and operas, gorgeous original tutus of famous Russian ballet dancers and their  pointe shoes. You can even see the cast of Anna Pavlova exquisite foot and the original poster of “Shopeniana” ballet   of  1909.

20th century theatre is represented by futuristiс stage and costume designs for operas and ballets of Dmitry Shostakovich.