The Synagogue

Saint Petersburg / Russia

The Grand Choral Synagogue is one of St.Petersburg’s architectural masterpieces. It was built in the Oriental, Moorish style in the late 19th century. The building reminds of the famous Alhambra, and you get a feeling that you are in the medieval East. And when you examine this architectural gem more closely, you will notice that next to it are the Small Synagogue and the synagogue of Georgian Jews

The Grand Choral Synagogue is the third biggest in Europe and the biggest in Russia. It leaves a totally special impression – not only due to its façade but also due to its memorable harmonious interior.

The unique acoustics of the Grand Choral Synagogue is world-known. You can conduct an experiment as follows: stay facing the wall at one end of the entrance hall and ask a friend to stay at the other end and say something in a whisper. Despite the 10-meter distance, you will hear everything perfectly well, and note that the voice astonishingly becomes many times stronger in the very center of the entrance hall.

After you investigate the acoustics, make sure to visit the Wedding Chuppah Hall, which is a wonderful masterpiece of a snuffbox. A museum was opened there several years ago, which displays articles of the Jewish religious tradition and also an exhibit call Jewish Wedding

You won’t stay indifferent to the magnificently designed space of the Small Synagogue, which was built a few years earlier than the Grand Choral Synagogue.

The synagogue of Georgian Jews is also worth a visit. And don’t miss the very cozy kosher restaurant Le Khaim situated in the lower level of the Grand Choral Synagogue.