Alexander Nevsky Monastery

Saint Petersburg / Russia

Alexander Nevsky Monastery is a functioning monastery which has the title of Lavra – the highest rank in the Russian monasticism.

Peter I founded St.Petersburg in 1703, and as soon as in 1710 he founded a monastery at the confluence of the Chyornaya river and the Neva, which was believed to be the site where Prince Alexander Nevsky had a splendid victory over the Swedes in 1240. This explains the name of the monastery.

From the monastery to the city, which was under construction, a road was laid across marshy lands, which later got the name of Nevsky prospekt.

The monastery was designed by the Italian architect Domenico Trezzini but the desing was significantly changed at a later time.

The Trinity Cathedral is the main church of the monastery. It was built in the 19th century by architect Stasov in the Neoclassical style. However, the monastery still has buildings dating back to Peter I’s times, among them the Annunciation Church.

It continues to be a function monastery and a center of spiritual culture. The monastery has icon and jewelry workshops, Sunday schools for children and adults as well as a bakery whose breads and pastries are always in demand.

The territory of the Monastery, the Trinity Cathedral and the Gateway Church are open for general public. The Trinity Cathedral keeps the remains of Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky and some specially revered icons.

The monastery had four cemeteries. Two of them (the Lazarus Cemetery and Cemetery of Masters of Arts where Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky and many other outstanding Russian writers, composers, and artists are buried) are now museums.

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