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I love you, Peter's great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave's regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank's dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)

The White Nights Tour
St. Petersburg Russia

White Nights tours in St Petersburg

If you would like to find something that makes St. Petersburg unique – it is obviously the white nights of St. Petersburg. The simple explanation of this term is that St. Petersburg is a Northern city and so there is a period – the second half of June and the beginning of July – when it hardly becomes dark at night. So simple, but you cannot imagine how much romance and charm this adds to the beauty and nature of the city.

Here in St. Petersburg we have a very special tradition of coming to the embankment of the Neva river during the White Nights and watching the bridges across the river being drawn at about 1 am. to allow navigation along the Neva. Joining this tradition is a pretty daring thing to do taking into account that you have to stay awake so late at night (or it is better to say so early in the morning), and also that when the bridges are drawn there is no communication between the banks of the river, so you have to be very careful choosing the side of the river from which you would like to view the bridges to make sure you are able to get back to your hotel afterwards. Nevertheless this is an experience you will never forget. That’s why we offer you this tour, which will start with a drive around the night city, when you can see all the beautiful buildings, embankments and bridges lit at night, then you will take a boat to go along the Neva and watch the bridges go up – from right under one of the bridges, and after that the driver will take you back to the hotel.

The tour will be one of the most unusual and special tours you have ever experienced.

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From our clients' reviews:

St Petersburg night tour

...The river had many boats and the banks were crowded with people to watch the drawbridges open for the night, one by one. We got to see each bridge open and also see all the buildings along the shore from a different prospective. It was beginning to get light again as we were returning to the dock. Everyone on the boat talked about how special the ride was. (Ray, Flowery Branch, Georgia)

Night boat tour St Petersburg

...The nightly boat tour is a must-do. Sight from the river into the islands and palace embankment is great. All those pretty buildings are lit and so are the slowly rising bridges. It is quite busy on the water but surprisingly I found that it adds to the atmosphere! (Martijn, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

St Petersburg raising drawbridges night boat tour

...St. Petersburg is known as the Venice of the North, so obviously doing a boat cruise on the river is a must. If you are lucky for visiting Saint Petersburg during the white nights, do not miss the drawbridges boat trip to see the bridges open during the white nights. Add to that the beautiful lighting on the buildings and the general excitement and it makes for something memorable. (Amrasha, Egypt)

Night tour St Petersburg

...Though it happens in the midnight, disturbing the sleep but it is worth. One gets an opportunity of seeing the opening of bridges across canals as the big ships enter. The bridges are beautifully lit. You can also see the buildings along the river with their light decorations... Especially, The Winter Palace + Peter & Paul Fortress. Opening of the drawbridges is a great sight. (Kiran, Gurugram (Gurgaon), India)

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