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Faberge Museum
Guided tour

St. Petersburg: Faberge Museum

The popularity of the Faberge Company, Carl Faberge himself and the so called Faberge eggs is really enormous. Nowadays the Faberge eggs are not just pieces of jewellery – famous and extremely expensive; itТs much more than that. Faberge eggs became a real symbol – a symbol of the TsarТs Russia, that very Russia which collapsed in 1917.

The Faberge Eggs are stunningly beautiful, unbelievably expensive and Е absolutely useless. You canТt even put them on as a ring or a bracelet to decorate yourself. The best jewellers of the best jewellery company worked 15 to 17 hours a day for a whole year to create a single egg. Gold, enamel and diamonds of the best quality were used. At the same time the majority of people in Russia lived below the poverty level. After the Russian revolution of 1917 no more Faberge eggs were produced or could be produced despite the fact that Carl Faberge himself and many of his masters survived the revolution. Those eggs could be commissioned and made only in the society which existed in Russia before the revolution. The collapse of that society was also the end of the Faberge Company.

All together only 71 Faberge eggs were produced, 54 of them were made for the TsarТs Family and due to that they are called Imperial eggs. The Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II commissioned one or two eggs per year as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers. Only 62 eggs (among them 46 Imperial eggs) have survived up to our days. The others disappeared in the muddle of the Russian revolution. The Kremlin Armory (Moscow) used to have 24 eggs, 14 of them were sold during StalinТs time, so at present only 10 are on display. All the 10 are Imperial eggs.

Another famous collection of the Faberge eggs (14 eggs) was assembled by Malcolm Forbes. In 2004 the collection was bought by a Russian billionaire Victor Vekselberg and moved to Russia. At the very end of 2013 the Faberge museum was opened in the ShuvalovТs Palace in St. Petersburg.

Nowadays the Faberge Museum has the largest and the most famous collection of the Faberge eggs - 14 Easter Eggs (9 of them are Imperial eggs). Besides the eggs the museum displays other masterpieces produced by Carl Faberge and his company (about 200), and also jewellery, porcelain and even paintings by his most famous contemporaries.

During the tour you will get detailed information about Carl Faberge, his company and his most famous pieces of jewellery. At the same time you will see the stylish rooms of the XIX century Russian Palace enjoying the extreme beauty of the world famous jewellery and feel the atmosphere of luxurious life of the high society of Russia just before the Revolution.

The tour of the museum will take about one hour and should be booked in advance.

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From our clients' reviews:

Faberge museum St Petersburg Russia

...I especially wanted to revisit St P to go to the Faberge Museum. The museum is housed in a historic palace, and beautifully displays an extensive collection of Faberge items and master works of the late 19th and early 20thCs. The museum definitely exceeded my expectations! (Janice N, York, United Kingdom)

Faberge Museum Private Tour from St Petersburg Russia

...Faberge Museum is a great place to visit if you have only a short time to spare: 1 hour excursion plus you need extra time to revisit the rooms as during the excursion you focus on certain items only. The palace itself is a marvel and of course the Eggs, Russian silver, paintings, icons - all worth to see again! Thanks to our guide Anna for the fact that she was able to show all the fun in such a short time! (Serge W., Cupertino, California)

An English language guided tour Faberge Museum

...Would certainly recommend it. The nine imperial eggs are very beautiful and intricate. We were amazed by the other wonderful, exquisite items on display. Snuff boxes, pendants etc., all Faberge. Well worth a visit. Be sure to use the services of a guide! Our guide Anna from Best Guides spoke excellent English and was very professional. Thank you! (Antony, Southport, United Kingdom)

Faberge Eggs in Faberge museum St Petersburg - private tour

...Our guide Elena was prompt and professional. Her descriptions of the museum, the eggs, history, and the other museum pieces were outstanding. She knew all the details about each piece and discussed each item thoroughly. I had not realized that the museum would have additional pieces other than the actual eggs. It was very nice to learn so much about Faberge and the history the eggs, dishes, belt buckles, clocks, and more! (Clara Clay, North Carolina)

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