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Museum of contemporary art
Guided Tour

St. Petersburg: Modern Art Galleries

For many years we had no museums of contemporary Art in St. Petersburg. Famous museums like the Hermitage and the Russian museum didn't display much contemporary art either. The only places where we could see such art were several comparatively small art galleries.

In 2010 the first museum of contemporary art was opened in our city. It was named Erarta. The name consists of two words - "Era" and "Arta" and could be translated as "The Era of Art". Right now Erarta is the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia. The collection consists of 2800 works created by more than 300 artists from different regions of Russia and represents the period from 1945 till modern time. The exhibition displays works of renowned masters as well as works of artists who aren’t so widely known but are obviously talented and have something to tell people. Along with paintings, graphics and sculptures Erarta represents collage, video art, science art, art-animation and installations.

More over Erarta is not just a museum. The 1st floor of the northern wing is occupied by Erarta Gallery where you can not only enjoy the modern art but also purchase artist's works. Some of the pieces in the galleries belong to the same artists who are represented in the museum, some are different. The exhibitions in the galleries are regularly renewed. More detailed information about Erarta you can find on the official site.

Please notice that Erarta is not a commercial project and all the profit from the museum and galleries is used for support and promotion of Russian contemporary art.

We will be pleased to organize a visit to Erarta museum and galleries for you and very much recommend to take a guided tour of the museum. Such a tour will help you to see the most important works in the limited time you have and to get a general idea of Russian contemporary art state and development.

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From our clients' reviews:

Erarta Moden Art Museum Guided Tour

...My husband and I visited Erarta Museum and we definitely will visit again. There were paintings and other forms of russian contemporary art. We all have different views about contemporary arts. This exhibition is sharp and maybe occasionally politically biased, but reflects human thoughts, fears, feelings. It definitely will not leave you bored. It was impressive, beautiful, shocking, sometimes annoying. You may like it or you may not but it is interesting. (MsEnergy, San Diego)

Culture trip St Petersburg - contemporary art museum

...This is the one museum where one can get a sense of the contemporary Russian voice. You will see a nice range of contemporary art, well lit and presented, complete with audio, web material. It was the only museum I went to in Petersburg that made me think about the Russian life or experience. (Jon Add., London, United Kingdom)

Modern art tour St Petersburg

...Erarta is an excellent museum of modern art. The museum interior is made appealing and the curator has done an excellent job of arranging the works of art. These are the kinds of exhibits you cannot find everywhere. Russian art never disappoints! This is a must on your list of things to see in St. Petersburg! (Susan F., London, United Kingdom)

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