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I love you, Peter’s great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave’s regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank’s dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)

Our prices

The price of guide service in St. Petersburg varies from 20 US $ (19 euro) to 38 US $ (36 euro)* per hour with the minimum order of 3 hours.

The exact price would depend on:

  • Number of people in your group
  • Season (high/low)
  • Duration of your program

Cost of each tour program consists of:

  • cost of guide service
  • cost of transport (in case it includes transportation service)
  • cost of entrance tickets/vouchers
  • cost of audio system (for a group of 8-12 and more)

To figure out the cost of your particular program/itinerary please send request.

NB! Cost of a program for cruise passengers will also include all taxes and port fees.

NB! All prices given above are valid for English, French, Russian, German and Spanish languages. To check prices for other languages please send request.

NB! For prices of guide service in Moscow please check the Moscow page.

* 38 US $ (36 euro) per hour - price of the guide service for a group of 25+ (high season).


If you buy one of our tour packages: White Days Tour Package or one of the Shore Excursion Packages the price will already include a package discount.

The best prices we have are for our mini group tours. Welcome to join!

We also are pleased to provide discounts for the tour program:

  • For all children from 6 to 16 and students with ISIC (international student card)
  • All children of 5 and under go free of charge on all tours except special children friendly tours
  • For all senior citizens (60+) we are happy to give 5% discount of the total price*
  • For Cruise Critic members. If you form a group of 10 and more people using the Cruise Critic Roll Call section, we will be happy to give your group a 10% discount from the total price of the tour**.
  • For travelers coming off season
  • For our return customers

Please check the details with our manager.

* Though according to our museum regulations, senior discounts are only provided to Russian citizens, our company provides senior discounts on our own behalf. This discount can’t be summarized with the other discounts.

** This discount can’t be added to the other discounts.

New discount program for participants of our mini group tours!*

Save up to 50% of the cost or get a free tour! Save money yourself and help others to save!

Step by step instruction:

  • Step1. Register on CruiseCritic.com
  • Step2. Find Roll Calls forum (Community, Forums, Roll Calls)
  • Step3. Find Roll Calls for your particular ship
  • Step4. Leave a message and form a group of travel fellows to join your particular mini group tour**.

    – If you find 2 more people and form a group of 4 all of you will get 5% discount.
    – If you find 4 more people and form a group of 6 all of you will get will get 10% discount.
    – If you find 6 more people and form a group of 8 all participants will get 10% discount and you will get a personal discount of 30%.
    – If you find 8 more people and form a group of 10 all participants will get 10% discount and you will get a personal discount of 50%.
    – If you find 10 more people and form a group of 12 all participants will get 10% discount and you will get a free tour!***

* This discount system is applied only to our mini group tours and only to daytime itineraries. It's not applied to any of the evening programs.
** Don't forget to send us their names as well as ask them to mention your name in order for all of you to get your discounts.
*** These new discounts will be summed up with previously given early bird discounts.

Good luck! See you and your new friends in St. Petersburg!

Contact mail: info@bestguides-spb.com

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