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I love you, Peter's great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave's regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank's dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)

Our prices

For cruise ship passengers:

For all the others:

      estimate the cost of your itinerary taking in consideration
      • cost of guide service
      • transportation
      • entrance fees
      to find the exact cost send a request.

Guide service in St. Petersburg (minimum order is 3 h): 20 US $ (18 euro) to 35 US $ (32 euro)*

The exact price would depend on:

  • Number of people in your group
  • Season (high/low)
  • Duration of your tour

NB! These prices are valid for English, French, Russian, German and Spanish languages. To check prices for other languages please send request.

NB! You can find prices of guide service in Moscow on our Moscow page.

Transportation in St. Petersburg

  $ US per hour Euro per hour
Car per hour (1-2 pax), min. order is 3 h 20-24 18-22
Minivan per hour (3-7pax), min. order is 3 h 24-30 22-28
Minivan per hour (8-18pax), min. order is 3-4 h 30-35 28-32
Transfer (airport/hotel) by car (1-2 pax) 50-55 46-50
Transfer (airport/hotel) by minivan (3-5 pax) 65-75 59-68
Transfer (airport/hotel) by minivan (6-12 pax) 85-100 78-91

NB! The exact cost will depend on the season (high/low) and in some cases on your particular dates.

NB! When we calculate the cost of transportation (not transfers) we always add 1 h for car/minivan delivery.

NB! To check the cost of a bus for 19-50 pax please send request.

Entrance fees can be checked on the official museum websites.

NB! For the majority of the museums we will provide you with vouchers, not tickets. Such vouchers will allow you to enter museums ahead of queues. The cost of the vouchers could slightly differ from the cost of regular tickets.


Our discounts

Discounts for Cruise Critic members

  • If you are registered on Cruise Critic and have 50 or more posts, we are pleased to give you a personal discount* of 5%
  • If you have 500 or more posts – our congratulations! You are a superuser!!! We are proud you’ve chosen our company and happy to give you a personal discount* of 10%
  • If you have less than 50 posts or not registered on Cruise Critic at all but eager to get a discount, you still have a chance! Please register (if still not) and leave a message on your Roll Call that you are booking with Best Guides. Send us the link and we will give you a personal discount* of 10%

* It's a discount for the person who puts a post on the forum but not for the whole party.

Senior citizens discounts*

For all senior citizens (65+) we are happy to give 5% discount off the total price.

* These discounts can’t be summed up with any other discounts.

Package discounts

For cruise ship passengers:

      If you book one of the tours in Warnemünde/Rostock, Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki or Copenhagen together with St. Petersburg itinerary you will get our special prices. These prices are indicated in the descriptions of Baltic Port tours (press “view details” for each of the tours).

For all the others:

Other types of discounts*

We also are pleased to provide discounts for:

Please check the details with our manager.

* These discounts will be summed up with all other discounts.

Good luck! See you and your friends in St. Petersburg!

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