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I love you, Peter’s great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave’s regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank’s dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)


English speaking guide

Masha, English speaking guide

St. Petersburg is really my city. I love it passionately. I was born here and my parents and three of my grandparents were born here as well. The history of my family became part of the city history. It's one of the reasons why I decided to be a guide.

I love my work and I think that this profession is very important and exiting. When I show my city to the guests I think that the main point is not to give as many facts and figures as possible and even not to tell funny stories from our past time which make people laugh but to give the feeling of our history and culture. When at the end of the tour my guests tell me: "Your history is so fascinating! Your culture is so rich! We never suspected it! When we return home the first thing we do - we buy books about Russia and start reading... "- then I think my job is well done.

I graduated from St. Petersburg State University in 1989. My first profession was gene engineering. It was extremely interesting and I didn't want to give it up but I had to, due to the "perestroika" - global changers in our economy. I decided to be a guide and joined a guide school which I finished in 1995. Since that time I have been working as a guide for the best travel companies in St. Petersburg such as Grand hotel "Europe", Den Rus, Cosmos and I really enjoy my work a lot. Among my guests there were very famous people: Grand Duke Michael Romanov (Ilynsky), count Musin-Pushkin and others.

Along with such an interesting job I have quite a lot of hobbies. One of them is traveling. I have visited many countries: US, Great Britain, France, Greece and some others. But the more I travel the higher I value the beauty and charm of my native city!

Another hobby of mine is art photography and if you have special interest in this field I will be very pleased to show you most important photo exhibitions in St. Petersburg as well as to introduce you to the circle of St. Petersburg art photographers.

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