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Te amo, ciudad obra de Pedro
Amo tu severa armonía,
El curso majestuoso del rio
El granito que cubre sus orillas...
(Alexander Pushkin)

English speaking guide

Liudmila, English speaking guide

My name is Liudmila. I am a licensed guide of St.Petersburg. I really love my native city and want the other people feel the same especially after a visit to St.Petersburg.

I have been working as a guide for 10 years. I graduated from St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Institute of Foreign Languages, Pedagogical Academy. I did not want to give up engineering but after "perestroika" of 1990s in our country I had to change my profession like many other soviet engineers. Tourism had always attracted me and I started to work in tourism. I was good at English but I decided to enter the Institute of Foreign Languages to be fluent in it. Unfortunately our tourist season is very short here and when I became a guide I had to find a side job. I tried myself in teaching English. The Pedagogical Academy helped me to become a professional teacher. I really enjoy teaching but being a guide is my favorite.

I have worked as a guide for many St.Petersburg travel companies. I have been interested in the history of my city since my childhood and I keep studying it now. The profession of a guide helps me in it. As a licensed guide I have to pass the certain exams annually.

Being a student of the Electrotechnical University I took part at the exchange program and visited Japan. After a visit of this country I really fell in love with it's culture. 3 years ago I started to study Japanese at St.Petersburg Japanese center. I think that now I need 2 more years to become a Japanese speaking guide as well.

Like many people I like traveling. I have been to many cities and I am sure that St.Petersburg is at the top of the list of the most beautiful cities of the world. The streets of this magnificent city can tell you history of Russia.

I am a member of the Best Guides Group. More information about our group you can find on the main page of our website. Our contacts you can find here.

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