St. Petersburg adventure
Tour package for families with teens and pre-teens


St. Petersburg adventure - Tour package for families with teens and pre-teens

We believe that kids of this age are old enough to try to explore the city - at least in some particular parts - on their own. So we included 2 quests where they will have to look for their own answers/decisions. Of course our guide as well as the parents will always be nearby and ready to help if necessary. We believe that such activities will not only help teens to learn our history and art but also will teach them to see and think independently and take their own decisions.

We also included several attractions/tours such as the Log house of Peter the Great, Grand Maket Russia and Roof top tour which we consider to be particularly interesting for teens. Beyond that the package includes a few tours which are very similar to general "grown-up" tours but will be a bit adapted to youngsters.

We hope that not only teens but their parents will appreciate the package as well.

Sample itinerary:

First day

9.00*»Meeting at the ship
9.00-10.00»City orientation tour (part I)
10.00-10.30»Hydrofoil to Peterhof
11.00»Ceremonial launch of fountains
11.00-13.00»Peterhof ''Paradise of Fountains'' tour/quest of the Low park and inside visit to one of the small palaces
13.00-14.00»Lunch time
14.00-14.30»Drive to the city
14.30-15.30»Grand Maket Russia. Visit the largest layout of Russia and get a general idea about the whole country: its geography, nature, history and economy
15.30-16.00»Drive to the center
16.00-17.30»St. Isaac's Cathedral (interior & the Colonnade)
18.00»End of the day program/ at the ship
Evening program (optional**)
  • Museum of Soviet arcade machines (brief tour of the museum and 15 games). It's the place where kids can try entertainments which were so popular at the time when their parents were kids. At the same time parents can enjoy the atmosphere of their own childhood
  • evening in Russian amusement park ''Divo Ostrov''. Enjoy attractions together with the locals and delight in atmosphere of joy and happiness

Second day

9.00»Meeting at the ship
9.00-10.00»City orientation tour (part II)
10.00-10.30»Log house of Peter the Great (inside visit)
10.30-12.00»Peter and Paul fortress, quest & inside visit to the former political prison
12.00-13.00»Lunch time
13.00-15.00»Hermitage museum. Luxurious state rooms of the Russian tsars and most famous masterpieces
15.00-16.30»''Citizen's view'' walking tour including metro visit & Roof top tour
16.30-17.00»Drive back to the port
17.00»At the ship

* Meeting time is subject to change and depends on the landing time. As a rule, it's 1-1,5 hours after ship mooring. At your request it can be later. The total duration of your itinerary will stay the same.

Price for a family in US$**:

# of teens 1 2 3 4 5
# of adults

This price includes:
– guide service (9 h on the first day and 8 h on the second)
– car/minivan with a driver (9 h on the first day and 8 h on the second)
– entrance tickets to all the museums, mentioned above
– photo fee for all the museums where photo is allowed
– hydrofoil ride
– port fees/tour tickets (visa free tours permission)
– souvenirs for kids
– bottled water

** The price doesn't include:
– cost of the evening program
– lunches
– gratuities to your guide and driver

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