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I love you, Peter’s great creation,
I love your view of stern and grace,
The Neva wave’s regal procession,
The grayish granite – her bank’s dress...
(Alexander Pushkin)

Happy Tour
two day mini group tour

(Size of the group: max 12 people)

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It's our very special offer for the year 2017. We tried to make this itinerary interesting and exciting but at the same time easy going and really happy. The tour covers all the most important historical and architectural sights of the city as well as the most famous museums but you will be able to see all these places at a comfortable pace. At your choice in the middle of the first day you can have Russian stile lunch or use the same time for shopping. This tour also includes a little treat – degustation of St. Petersburg ice-cream. And last but not least – we did our best to make the price most attractive.

Have a happy tour!

Day 1

8.00»Meeting at the ship
8.00-9.00»Drive around the city to give you the first impression of it
9.00-10.00»Drive to Peterhof, metro ride on the way
10.00-12.00»Tour of the famous park with fountains
12.00-13.00»Russian style lunch at a nice local restaurant or shopping
13.00-14.00»Drive to Pushkin
14.00-16.00»Catherine's Palace with the famous amber room
16.00-17.00»Drive back
17.00»End of the day program

Evening program (optional)
18.00-19.00»Extra time in the city (at the choice of the group it could be a stop for souvenirs, a short walking tour of the center or a stop at a city café)
19.00-20.45»Folk show or Evening in the Faberge museum
21.00-22.30»''Charm of the White Nights'' tour as a present!
Find the details on the main cruise page.

Day 2

9.00»Meeting at the ship
9.00-9.30»Drive to the Hermitage Museum
9.30-12.00»Hermitage Museum – early entrance
12.00-13.00»Spilt Blood Cathedral
13.00-15.45»Citizen's View walking tour (short version), tea with Russian "pirogi" (pies) in "Shtolle" café*
15.45-16.15»Degustation of St. Petersburg ice-cream
16.00-17.00»Back to the ship
17.00»At the ship

Cost of the day program**:

199 US $ for adults and 189 US $ for students and children if you book this tour without lunch;
209 US $ for adults and 199 US $ for students and children if you book this tour with lunch.
For children under 5 the program is free.

The cost includes:

  • Port fee, tour tickets (document which allows to provide visa free tours)
  • Guide service
  • Minivan (air-conditioned) with a driver
  • Entrance tickets to all the museums mentioned in the itinerary
  • Photo fee for all the museums where it’s allowed to take pictures
  • Audio head system (for a group of 8 and more)
  • Bottled water
  • Local ice-cream
  • One lunch

Cost of evening program: 88 US $.

The cost includes:

''Charm of the White Nights'' tour (1.5 hour) will come complementary!

* The cost of tea and pies is not included into the cost of the tour.

** The cost of this program is already a special cost and cannot be summarized with any other discounts.

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